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Hiring a harpist for your event  

Dana has extensive experience playing for events and enjoys creating just the right atmosphere for clients' events. Learn more about whether harp music is the right fit for your event.

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Getting a Quote for Your Event

The price depends on the details of the event. Contact Us here to discuss your event's details and get a quote. For the most accurate quote, include your event details in your submission

Things that can affect your price:

  • ​​Travel distance

  • Whether the event is indoors or outdoors

  • Special requests

  • What type of harp is used for the event (Pedal or Lever harp)

Pedal Harp

  • More repertoire options 

  • Louder

  • Classic, Elegant look

  • More work to transport

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Lever Harp

  • Easier to transport

  • More budget friendly

  • Fewer repertoire options

  • Better for smaller, intimate events

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